Smart Blood Analytics

Smart Blood Analytics

MEET The Team

Marko Notar, Ph. D.


“The current health care system is increasingly dependent on reliable blood tests, true power of which is frequently underestimated. They carry way more information than we ever thought possible. Blood test results represent information and not the knowledge itself. Together they form the true power of Artificial Intelligence, which is efficiently combined in our Smart Blood Analytics algorithm.”

Mateja Notar


“Physicians use their knowledge, skills, clinical experience and the opinions of their colleagues to determine a differential diagnosis. I believe that our algorithm is both their secret and one of their most loyal colleagues. Smart Blood Analytics is entering the global market and to this end we have defined a quality strategy to adhere to the very strict quality controls in order to maintain compliance with regulatory and customer requirements and ensure that patients are healthier.”

Prof. Gregor Gunčar


“Can we predict a disease based on standard blood tests alone? I thought that we sometimes could. But we, at Smart Blood Analytics, showed how prediction accuracy can exceed even our own imagination. It is amazing. Every disease can be tracked at the molecular level and this is reflected in blood parameters.”

Prof. Matjaž Kukar


“Smart Blood Analytics is on the forefront of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. Even for an expert physician it can (and already does) serve as a trusted colleague in providing a personalized diagnosis. Imagine what it could do for you!”

Žiga Osterc


“The time when physicians will start using SBA and AI solutions is now. Physicians are changing their opinion about SBA on a daily basis and an increasing number of them are starting to use our solution to help people. This is our prime objective: to enable physician to use their previous knowledge through our algorithm, which will help them to shorten the time required to find the right diagnosis for their patients, which in turn helps save people’s lives, while the health care system benefits from the cutting of unnecessary costs.”

MEET The Investors

Ivan Pušnik

"The idea of having your second medical opinion, only on the basis of your blood test results, at your fingertips, via an App , was both surreal and genius to me. That this could be accessible to every individual possessing a smart phone, made it intriguing to me. That this service could be affordable to anyone having an internet connection , challenged me, for the simple reason , that it taped into my consciousness, indicating a possibility, that by making this a reality, we could help millions of people getting the right diagnoses at first hand , and at the same time saving quite an amount of funds spent on wrong medication."

Ulrich Goëss-Enzenberg


"It has not taken long for me to take a decision to invest in this revolutionary idea in the field of healthcare. I could quickly identify myself with an investor, who takes part in a project, which can help millions of patients as well as doctors, to simplify the way to a more accurate as well as financially less burdening, diagnosis."

MEET The Ambassadors

Prof. Peter Černelč, MD


“Initially, the Smart Blood Analytics algorithm was a revolution in the diagnosis of blood disorders, today it is making its mark in the entire field of internal medicine and in the future, when we incorporate neurology and infectious disease models, also in the entire field of non-surgical medicine. It applies to all doctors, from those less to those most experienced, who wish to effectively diagnose a patient’s disease, whilst having the possibility of differential diagnostic, aimed at recognizing diseases with similar changes in basic blood tests.”

Prof. Miran Brvar, MD


“There is little doubt that artificial intelligence and machine learning have big implications for the future and medicine is no exception. Smart Blood Analytics helps physicians to make decisions, as it can identify subtle signs of disease in blood laboratory results faster and more accurately than most physicians can. In our department, the algorithm has proved useful in some tricky cases by suggesting diagnoses not previously recognized by physicians, despite taking into account all available clinical data.”

Prof. Simon Podnar, MD


"Life is a biochemical phenomenon, and so is most of human disease. Most of diseases either are caused or lead to biochemical changes of tissue fluids, particularly blood. Blood biochemistry therefore contains an enormous amount of valuable information. Unfortunately, most of this information is hidden to human mind, as this is able to pick up mainly outliers, but not subtle patterns of biochemical changes. Here is where machine learning using huge amount of clinical data can help physicians, as Smart Blood Analytics already demonstrated. Nevertheless, the last word is always physicians'."

Manca Notar


“As a student of Laboratory Biomedicine and a professional athlete I am aware of the importance of blood tests and their quick interpretation. Health truly is our greatest wealth and I believe that using technology can improve and speed up the diagnostic process. Being an ambassador of Smart Blood Analytics does not only mean supporting the usage of machine learning algorithms in medicine, it also means working and learning from people who strive to do their very best for humanity and use technology in a good, intelligent way.”


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