COVID-19 AI diagnostic test

COVID-19 AI diagnostic test
April 2, 2020

COVID-19 AI diagnostic test


Smart Blood Analytics is specialised in developing artificial intelligence machine learning models for medical diagnostics. Our models are based on data of more than 60 million blood tests. The COVID-19 diagnostic model differentiates COVID-19 from 100 other viral and bacterial diseases, based on only 35 routine blood test results, achieving the sensitivity of 83.5% and specificity of 99.1% (N=4434). The intended use population are subfebrile and febrile adults presenting to the emergency department. Routine blood testing is readily available worldwide, therefore this model can greatly expand the capacity to diagnose COVID-19.

In these strenuous and challenging times, when the entire world is struggling with COVID-19, striving to stop the spread thereof, and with the doctors being overwhelmed and exhausted, we believe that our COVID-19 AI diagnostic model, accompanied with all of our past models developed for various fields of internal medicine, can significantly improve the diagnostic process, enabling doctors to adopt quicker and more accurate decisions. This shall result in better outcomes for patients and reduced costs to the healthcare systems.

Governments all around the world are adopting and enforcing extreme and extraordinary measures due to the coronavirus pandemic. Our model is not CE marked nor FDA approved as there is currently no time for this. While battling COVID-19, countries need to react smart and adapt as fast and as best as they can. 

Our company, therefore, decided to support the healthcare systems around the globe by offering our COVID-19 AI model free of charge.

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