Will AI replace doctors?

Will AI replace doctors?
January 20, 2022

Will AI replace doctors?

ARTICLE BY: Sašo Moškon
CATEGORY: Artificial Intelligence

Helping people is our primary goal at Smart Blood Analytics Swiss SA and AI is our primary tool for achieving this goal. We aim to empower physicians and shorten the time for the patient to receive a correct diagnosis. All our products aim to achieve these goals, and our recent mySmartBlood app is no exception. Our app can be used by anyone and provides information about medical conditions using standard blood tests. Doing so helps the user go to the appropriate specialist to reach the final diagnosis faster.

So, with AI becoming so common in medicine, many people are asking: “Will AI replace doctors?” and the answer is: “No! AI will not replace doctors”. What is happening is that AI is empowering doctors to make faster and more accurate decisions. In our current society, technology plays a crucial role in helping us work easier and more efficiently. The aim behind most technological innovations has always been to help people. 

AI aims to drive progress in medicine and is intended to be used in a way that allows general practitioners and the world's top specialists to diagnose and treat any disease. We believe that automated solutions are a pragmatic necessity to providing good quality healthcare especially with the world's population growing faster than the rate at which doctors can be trained. Collaboration between humans and technology is the ultimate response to the rising challenges in healthcare. Studies show that artificial intelligence and humans are the most potent when they cooperate. 

So, we are not developing tools that will replace doctors. We are developing tools that use AI to optimize processes in healthcare and enable both doctors and patients to take a faster path to diagnosis. Imagine what healthcare could be capable of if we combine human creativity and problem-solving skills with the infinite computing power and cognitive resource of technology?


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