Are you a Physician in 2024?

Are you a Physician in 2024?
February 19, 2024

Are you a Physician in 2024?

ARTICLE BY: Justyna Sniady
CATEGORY: Artificial Intelligence

Are you a Physician in 2024? Are you facing an ever growing number of patients and shorter than ever consultation times? Is this making quick and correct diagnosis difficult? The first EU-MDR Certified AI Blood Test Results Interpretation Software is here to help.

SBAS Software generates reports based on standard blood test results, biological sex and age within seconds and speeds up the diagnostic process by months or years.
It predicts most probable diseases from all fields of internal medicine and neurology, esp as software covers more than 500 different diseases or medical conditions with up to 96% accuracy.

The generated reports also contain a compilation of the signs, symptoms, co-morbidities and patient tailored on measured blood parameters significant to each of the top ten predicted diseases.

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