Patients' Journey to Diagnosis. SBAS Software Real Life Case Study

Patients' Journey to Diagnosis. SBAS Software Real Life Case Study
January 17, 2024

Patients' Journey to Diagnosis. SBAS Software Real Life Case Study

ARTICLE BY: Justyna Sniady
CATEGORY: Blood Parameters & More

A 65-year-old patient was feeling generally unwell for at least six months and also had chronic back pain for even longer. His blood test results, were nothing special. Since all parameter values were on the border, his blood test results weren't of any help to his family doctor, who decided to refer him to get his back X-rayed. Since everything was OK with his back, he was then referred to a pulmonologist and because of his previous endocrinology disorders, also to an endocrinologist. Six months flew by, and they still didn't find anything suspicious or anything that could even possibly lead them to the final diagnosis.

Lastly, when they had exhausted all other possibilities, he was referred to a haematologist. 

So, what did SBAS Software say about his blood test results? Our results shocked the physicians. Showing the Plasmacytoma as the most probable disease. As this is a real medical case from our clinical evaluation, our result was double checked and confirmed by sophisticated haematological diagnostic procedures. 

It is very rare to see a patient being diagnosed with only a single disease. and our model also shows Amyloidosis as the second option. At first, doctors claimed that Amyloidosis was not present in this patient. But after one month of treating his Plasmacytoma, the Amyloidosis was also confirmed. 

If Smart Blood Analytics with software had been applied at the very beginning, this patient could have avoided unnecessary referrals, could have saved money, and most importantly, could have received the proper treatment much earlier for a better outcome. 

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